Craft-Ing® is the first and exclusive engineering office in Germany which conults customer who want to built up a micro brewery, craftbeer brewery or brew pub.


"Craftbier and everything comes with" is the motto of Craft-Ing®. From the brewery up to bottling machines specialized in low annual outputs. Functionality, reliability and economic feasability at first! From the idea of a pilot or craftbeer brewery over the first batch up to the bottled and labeled beer - Craft-Ing® is the perfect partner for you over the whole planing and production process.

Functional, innovative and economic!

About Craft-Ing®

I was interessted in many different technical things long time before my studies in chemical Engineering in Erlangen, Germany. In addition with my passion to beer and everything comes with I focused more and more on the brewery and food industry. Over the years my theoretical and practical knowledge grew a lot. With this knowledge I'm the partner you're looking for. Consulting, planing, starting up or servicing - everything from one source!


You want to have innovative solutions or someone who build up your brewery? I'm your choice!

authentic and economic:

Giving economic solutions is as important than persistence and functionality for our projects.

location and manufacturer independent:

Doesn't matter where in Europe!

within reach

on the phone

+49 176 6151 8906

oder via email


Partners of Craft-Ing®

Some cooperation partner of Craft-Ing® are listed in the following (excerpt):